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Several key points of rabbit breeding

Several key points of rabbit breeding

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1. Insist on self-reproduction and self-support.

Adhering to the principle of "self-reproduction and self-support" is an effective way to control infectious diseases. Therefore, rabbit farms or professional rabbit-raising households are required to select healthy male rabbits and female rabbits, and breed young rabbits on their own to prevent the introduction of rabbits from introducing rabbit diseases and causing the spread of the disease. The heterosis of the first generation of crosses can also be used to improve the quality of breeding rabbits and the survival rate of young rabbits to reduce the cost of raising rabbits.

2. Insist on regular selenium supplementation.

Selenium is a kind of trace element. Most areas of our country are selenium-poor or selenium-deficient areas. Long-term selenium deficiency in rabbits can cause diseases. The lack of selenium makes the rabbits anemia, stunted growth, reduced disease resistance, infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, and severe cases of myocardial degeneration can cause sudden death. In particular, the young rabbits born in winter and spring lack green feed and light for a long time, and this disease occurs frequently. Therefore, raising rabbits in selenium-deficient areas should be regarded as as important as rabbit plague. Usually, selenium should be supplemented regularly. Each pregnant rabbit is injected with 0.1% sodium selenite 0.1ml 10 days before delivery. After weaning, the pups and young rabbits were given sodium selenite once, that is, 0.1 ml of 0.1% sodium selenite was taken to 50 pups and young rabbits and mixed in the drinking water for one drink. Can effectively prevent selenium deficiency.

3. Vaccination in time.

There are many diseases that harm the rabbit industry, but the main one is rabbit plague. Because there is no specific medicine for the treatment of rabbit plague, once the disease occurs, the whole group will be wiped out. Therefore, timely vaccination of rabbit plague vaccine is a reliable measure to prevent the disease.

But three points should be paid attention to when vaccinating:

1. Make sure that the vaccine is effective when vaccinating.

2. Make sure that the inoculation site is accurate, the amount of medicine is sufficient, and the liquid medicine should not be drained.

3. Each rabbit must be subcutaneously injected with 1 ml of rabbit plague vaccine 2 months after birth, and immunity will develop in about 7 days, and the immune period is 6 months. Adult rabbits must be vaccinated in spring and autumn to ensure immunity.

4. Deworming regularly.

Regular deworming has the dual significance of eliminating the source of infection, preventing the spread of the disease and treating sick rabbits. Therefore, the whole swarm should be dewormed in spring and autumn. Albendazole has the characteristics of high efficiency, low toxicity and broad spectrum. It is the first choice for deworming in spring and autumn. It can repel nematodes, tapeworms, tapeworms and flukes. At the same time, young rabbits are most prone to coccidiosis outbreaks and have a high mortality rate. Prevention should be focused on improving the survival rate of young rabbits. From weaning to 3 months of age, the young rabbits can receive a good preventive effect by taking 1 tablet of chlorphenirin a day. In addition, rabbit mitosis is a serious parasitic disease that harms the rabbit industry. It is difficult to prevent and cure this disease. Because rabbits are not resistant to bathing, they can only be effectively prevented through regular and comprehensive surveys and timely treatment of diseased rabbits. happened.

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